New Client

  • Welcome!  All ‘New Client Offers’ are valid for residents who live within a 10 mile radius.
  • Our studio reserves the right to decline redemption of free class offers or new client specials for people who reside outside a 10 mile radius of each studio.
  • New clients may only redeem 1 single New Client offer.  
  • Please do not create duplicate accounts, we only allow 1 account per person ( we check prior to redeeming offers).
  • New Clients, please create your account and purchase your class prior to showing up to the studio. There is very little time between classes for instructors to assist you with onboarding if you do not already have an account created.
  • New clients should arrive at least 15 minutes early so the instructor can review the equipment with the new client. 
  • New clients who arrive late to class will NOT be allowed to attend class (this is for your safety and to avoid disturbing other clients in class).  This reservation will be marked as a late cancel.  The class credit will not be returned to a late new client’s account.

Studio Policies

  • All transactions, including class purchases and merchandise sales, are final and non-refundable.  
  • Gripper socks that cover the entire bottom of the foot are required to be worn while using the studio equipment. Socks are available for purchase in the studio, or you may bring your own (hospital socks and lounge socks do not meet this requirement). 
  • Classes MAY NOT BE SHARED.  Each client must have their own account. 
  • The studio only accepts Credit Card Payments. American Express is NOW accepted.  Checks & Cash are not accepted. 
  • All class reservations are subject to our cancellation & attendance policies. 
  • We require a valid credit card to be stored on file for your convenience. 
  • Clients must read and sign the studio wavier in order to participate in classes. 
  • Class packages & autopays start on the date of purchase, not the date of first use. 
  • Registered walk-ins are welcome when space is available.   
  • Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. Please refer to our schedule page for the most recent updates. 
  • Please arrive on time. If you arrive 5 minutes or later for your class, your spot may be offered to someone waiting at the studio to get into the class. 
  • Clients who arrived later than 10 min after the start of class will not be permitted to attend the class and the reservation will be marked as a no show/ have their class forfeited.  
  • Must be 16+ to attend class. Please contact the studio if you would like to set up a private or semi-private session for a client under 16. 
  • Clients may not create 2nd accounts. New clients are only eligible for 1 new client offer. 
  • The studio is child & pet friendly.  Please note this prior to making your purchase. 
  • Chargebacks: The studio reserves the right to impose a $20 fee for every chargeback receives from a client/ their credit card company.  Please contact us first to resolve any disputes you may have. 
  • Please make sure to check the studio location for the class you have scheduled.  Clients who accidentally attend the wrong studio location will not have their missed class returned to them.  
  • Monthly memberships may have 1 curtesy pause every 6 months ranging from 30-90 days after the initial 3 auto-pays.  Special value/discounted/pre-sale memberships may not pause their billing without losing the discounted rate.   There is a $5 freeze fee per request. 
  • All Unlimited passes are 1 class per day.  2nd classes the same day can be purchased for an additional $10.
  • Credit Extension Requests: There is a nominal fee of $35 per each 30-day increment for both our esteemed monthly members and those holding 1x packages.
  • 6-month and 1-year pass holders: pauses or extensions for vacations or other non-emergency circumstances are not allowed.
  • Credit Extensions for emergency situations: clients must notify the studio within a “reasonable amount of time”, and before their pass expires. Request for credit extensions due to emergencies after the pass has expired will be denied.

Waitlist Policies


Yes. Client who wish to attend a full class may wait to see if someone does not arrival within the first 10 mins. Once a waitlist client has taken a reformer, the late client will not be able to regain their lost spot & will loss their credit/receive a no show.

CAN I SHOW UP TO A FULL CLASS TO SEE IF THERE IS A NO SHOW?If the class you want to take is full, we highly recommend adding yourself to the waitlist by choosing “Join Waitlist” on the booking schedule.

You must have a valid class credit or membership in order to join a waitlist.

 When a spot becomes available, you will AUTOMATICALLY be added to the class. A notification e-mail (and/or text message if you’re opted in) will be sent to you.  

Please make sure your settings are selected to receive the type of notification you wish to receive. If you have your email and text settings off, you will not receive a notification but will still be responsible for your waitlist status. 

You are responsible for managing your waitlist.

Once you are added to the class from a waitlist, you are considered confirmed and held to the cancellation policy.

If for any reason your plans change, please remember to remove yourself from the waitlist.

Class Cancellation Policies

We have a 12-hour cancellation policy. You may cancel any class reservation at least 12-hours prior to class start time with no penalty and the class credit will be available for you to rebook. 

A class that is cancelled less than 12-hours prior to start time is considered a “Late Cancel” and will be forfeited (if booked using a class credit) or assessed a $15 fee (if booked using an Unlimited option). 

A class that is booked but not attended is considered a “No Show” and will be forfeited (if booked using a class credit) or assessed a $20 fee (if booked using an Unlimited option). 


If it is more than 12-hours before the class start time, you can switch classes by cancelling the class you are enrolled in and booking a new class time. Same day or last-minute class swaps are not allowed and  are still subject to our 12-hour cancellation window.  


Classes can be cancelled by: 

Step 1: Log into your account either on the Fit Culture home page, studio schedule page or at the bottom of our website by clicking on “My Account.” 

Step 2: Select “Schedule” to view your upcoming class reservations. Select “Cancel” next to the reservation you wish to cancel.  

If you have trouble cancelling a reservation please contact us via email at info@fitculturepilates.com .  

Membership Changes, Pauses & Cancellation Policies


Yes. clients may change their membership contract after the initial 3 month commitment has been met. 


Yes.  We allow 1 pause per every 6 months once the initial 3 month commitment has been met.  Members may not pause their memberships during the initial first 3 months.  Pauses are allowed in 30 day increments up to 120 days.  There is a $5 pause fee per 30 day increment.


Memberships may be canceled after the initial 3 month commitment by contacting us via email at info@fitculturepilates.com .  Messages via social media, voicemail and texts do not constitute an acceptable form of canceling a contract. 

The studio requires a minimum of 14 day notice prior to the next billing to cancel a membership contract without a fee.  Membership cancelation requests received after 14 days prior to the next billing date will incur a $50 late contract termination fee.  

Membership cancelation requests received within 48 hrs prior to membership billing date will incur a $100 late contract termination fee. 

Membership cancelation requests received during a pause will incur a $50 contract termination fee.

Membership cancelation requests received within 24 hrs prior to membership billing date will not be honored,  rather that cancelation request will be deferred to the next billing date.

Private & Semi-Private Cancellation Policies


Private & Semi-private bookings  may be canceled  by contacting us via email at info@fitculturepilates.com .  Messages via social media, voicemail and texts do not constitute an acceptable form of cancelation.

The studio requires a minimum of 24 hours  notice prior to the start of the schedule session.  Booking cancelations canceled after the 24hr deadline will lose their session credit. 

Membership Terms


This Membership Agreement (“Agreement” or “Membership Agreement”) is entered into between Fit Culture Studios L.L.C. (“Fit Culture”), and you (“Member” or “Members”). Fit Culture is a boutique fitness studio offering group fitness classes. This Agreement entitles members access to participate in these classes and to enjoy other amenities offered. 

Please review this Agreement thoroughly as it is a legal contract between Fit Culture and all members. By using the services offered at Fit Culture, members are agreeing to the terms of this Agreement. 


Package Purchase, Credit Cards on File, Auto Debit


By purchasing a package from Fit Culture you agree to the Terms and Conditions in full (see below). Packages cannot be shared between members unless… 

Unlimited and auto-debit contract members are required to keep a current credit card on file. 

Specially priced expiring packages may not be extended, transferred, refunded, shared, or frozen. Packages that expire will activate on the first class either booked OR waitlisted. Placing yourself on a waitlist with an expiring package will activate your package. Sanctuary Fitness staff will not adjust or extend special packages due to waitlisted classes or accidental bookings through the acts or omissions of clients. The expiration date set on an expiring package is the date on which the package may no longer be used. Members purchasing expiring packages do so with the understanding of these terms and agree to be bound by such. 


Members may elect to keep a credit card on file using their Fit Culture account online. By placing a card on file, the cardholder and account holder gives permission to the Fit Culture staff to charge the card for any auto-debit packages and/or cancellation fees accrued in accordance with the Fit Culture cancellation policy detailed above. 


By enrolling in an auto-debit contract, you authorize Fit Culture to, on a recurring basis, automatically charge the debit or credit card account you specified, for the monthly payments on your unlimited auto-debit plan associated with your account, on the billing due date. You understand and acknowledge that (1) Fit Culture will initiate transfers/charges pursuant to this authorization not to exceed the amount shown on your Membership Agreement and/or in connection with cancellation fees per the cancellation policy. Fit Culture may discontinue processing of recurring charges if it is unable to secure funds from your debit/card due to, but not limited to, insufficient or uncollected funds in the account or insufficient or inaccurate information provided; (2) the Fit Culture booking system allows for booking through the available booking period regardless of the billing date of your contract; (3) if you are booked in a class past the subsequent billing date, and your debit/credit card fails to bill properly, that you will be removed from any classes past the subsequent billing date and notified via electronic mail; (4) if you are removed from class due to the circumstances as described, it may not be possible to place you back into the class for which you were originally booked and that you will not be given any priority in waitlisted classes; (5) it is your responsibility to keep a current card on file with accurate billing information. Fit Culture cannot be held responsible for errors in processing due to expired or inaccurate information. 

any classes past the subsequent billing date and notified via electronic mail; (4) if you are removed from class due to the circumstances as described, it may not be possible to place you back into the class for which you were originally booked and that you will not be given any priority in waitlisted classes; (5) it is your responsibility to keep a current card on file with accurate billing information. Fit Culture cannot be held responsible for errors in processing due to expired or inaccurate information. 


By signing up for and/or attending classes, events, activities, and other programs and using the premises, facilities and equipment (individually and/or collectively, the “Classes” and “Facilities”) of Fit Culture and its subsidiaries, you hereby acknowledge on behalf of yourself, your heirs, personal representatives and/or assigns, that there are certain inherent risks and dangers in exercise equipment in association with the Classes and Facilities. You acknowledge that some of these risks cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. You also acknowledge that the specific risks vary from one activity to another, but range from (1) minor injuries such as scratches, bruises, and sprains; (2) major injuries such as eye injury or loss of sight, joint or back injuries, heart attacks, and concussions; and (3) catastrophic injuries including paralysis and death. At all times, you shall comply with all stated and customary terms, posted safety signs, rules, and verbal instructions given to you by staff. If in the subjective opinion of the Fit Culture staff, you would be at physical risk participating in Fit Culture’s Classes, you understand and agree that you may be denied access to the Classes and Facilities until you furnish Fit Culture with an opinion letter from your medical doctor, at your sole cost and expense, specifically addressing Fit Culture’s concerns and stating that Fit Culture’s concerns are unfounded. 

In consideration for being allowed to participate in and access the Classes and Facilities, you hereby (1) agree to assume full responsibility for any and all injuries or damage which are sustained or aggravated by you in relation to the Classes and Facilities, (2) release, indemnify, and hold harmless Fit Culture, its direct and indirect parent, subsidiary affiliate entities, and each of their respective officers, directors, members, employees, representatives and agents, and each of their respective successors and assigns and all others, from any and all responsibility, claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages, and liabilities to the fullest extent allowed by law arising out of or in any way related to participation in the Classes or use of the Facilities, and (3) represent that you (a) have no medical or physical condition that would prevent you from properly using any of Fit Culture’s Classes and Facilities, (b) do not have a physical or mental condition that would put you in any physical or medical danger, and (c) have not been instructed by a physician to not participate in physical exercise. You acknowledge that if you have any chronic disabilities or conditions, you are at risk in using Fit Culture’s Classes and Facilities, and should not be participating in any Classes. 


You may cancel this Membership Agreement at any time after the completion of the initial contract period as outlined in the description of your chosen package or membership. You must provide Fit Culture written notice via electronic mail or a letter mailed first-class of your intent to cancel, no less than fourteen (14) business days prior to the due date of your next billing payment. Failure to provide timely notice will result in a charge for the full amount of your next billing payment. The cancellation will take place the subsequent month. For example, if your billing payment is due the first day of the month, you must provide written notice no later than fourteen (14) business days prior to that date. If you fail to do so, you will be billed on the first day of the month for the full amount, and your contract will be cancelled as of the date of the subsequent billing payment due date. If, at the time of receipt of your cancellation notice, you have outstanding payments owed to Fit Culture, these payments must be made in full in order for the Membership Agreement to be considered cancelled.  

In the event that you fail to pay outstanding amounts owed, your membership will be considered suspended, the Membership Agreement will not be cancelled, and Fit Culture reserves the right to pursue additional avenues or means to receive monies owed. This Membership Agreement may be cancelled prior to the completion of the initial contract period as outlined in the description of your chosen package or membership upon receipt of written notice via electronic mail (email) or a letter mailed first-class in the event of (1) the death or disability of the member, and the member is unable to receive all of Fit Culture’s services which the member has contracted. The member, or the member’s estate, shall be relieved from obligation of making payment for services other than those received or obligated prior to the death or onset of the disability (subject to the signed doctor’s note regarding the nature of the disability); and (2) the member moves further than twenty five (25) miles from Fit Culture. The member shall provide proof of new residence. 

No refunds or cancellations will be granted for reasons other than those listed above. Fit Culture reserves the right to modify or amend the services and facilities offered by Fit Culture under the terms of this agreement. Such modifications may include access to virtual services in the event of a temporary closure of the facilities. 



Fit Culture is committed to the health, safety, and welfare of each of its members and will not tolerate unreasonable, threatening, obscene, harassing, indecent or illegal behavior. Members who do not observe Fit Culture’s rules and regulations or who abuse equipment in any fashion will be asked to leave. Fit Culture has the right to judge behavior and respond accordingly. This right includes, but is not limited to termination of a membership without refund to any member engaging in unacceptable behavior. The member shall pay for any damages to Fit Culture’s property which results from the willful or negligent conduct of any member, member’s guest, or member’s dependent child. Not all rules and regulations are listed in this agreement. Fit Culture reserves the right to add, change or remove rules, conditions of membership, opening and closing hours, and all services and facilities offered by Fit Culture. 


You hereby grant Fit Culture, its representatives, employees, or agents the right to take photographs and video footage of you and your property while at Fit Culture and to use and publish these photos or videos in print and/or electronically. You agree that Fit Culture may use photographs or video footage of you with or without your name for any lawful purpose, including for such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising and web content. 

You, the buyer, may choose to cancel this Agreement at any time prior to midnight of the fifth business day of the health studio after the date of this Agreement, excluding Sundays and holidays.  

To cancel this Agreement, mail, email, or deliver a signed and dated notice that states that you, the buyer, are canceling this Agreement, or words of similar effect. The notice shall be sent via first-class mail, via email from an email address on file with the health studio, or delivered in person to the owner at 1416 W 25th St. San Pedro, CA 90732. 


The studio reserves the right to impose a $20 fee for every chargeback receives from a client/ their credit card company.  Please contact Fit Culture first to resolve any disputes you may have. 

Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit or make a purchase from https://pilatesrepublic.com (the “Site”). 


When you visit the Site, we automatically collect certain information about your device, including information about your web browser, IP address, time zone, and some of the cookies that are installed on your device. Additionally, as you browse the Site, we collect information about the individual web pages or products that you view, what websites or search terms referred you to the Site, and information about how you interact with the Site. We refer to this automatically-collected information as “Device Information.” 

We collect Device Information using the following technologies: 

  “Cookies” are data files that are placed on your device or computer and often include an anonymous unique identifier. For more information about cookies, and how to disable cookies, visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org. 

  “Log files” track actions occurring on the Site, and collect data including your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, referring/exit pages, and date/time stamps. 

  “Web beacons,” “tags,” and “pixels” are electronic files used to record information about how you browse the Site. 

Additionally when you make a purchase or attempt to make a purchase through the Site, we collect certain information from you, including your name, billing address, payment information (including credit card numbers), email address, and phone number.  We refer to this information as “Order Information.” 

Likewise when you submit a website form or schedule an appointment with us through the Site, we collect certain information from you, including your name and email address. We refer to this information as “Scheduling Information.” 

When we talk about “Personal Information” in this Privacy Policy, we are talking about Device Information, Order Information, and Scheduling Information. 


We use the Order Information that we collect generally to fulfill any orders placed through the Site (including processing your payment information, and providing you with invoices and/or order confirmations). Additionally, we use this Order Information to: 

Communicate with you; 

Screen our orders for potential risk or fraud; and 

When in line with the preferences you have shared with us, provide you with information or advertising relating to our products or services. 

We use the Device Information that we collect to help us screen for potential risk and fraud (in particular, your IP address), and more generally to improve and optimize our Site (for example, by generating analytics about how our customers browse and interact with the Site, and to assess the success of our marketing and advertising campaigns). We may also use this data to show you online advertisements on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google from our business. 

We use the Scheduling Information that we collect to make appointments or class sign-ups for you in our studio scheduling software. We will not sell, rent, or trade your email address to any unaffiliated third party without your permission. 



We share your Personal Information with third parties to help us use your Personal Information, as described above.  For example, we use MINDBODY to power our class and appointment scheduling. We also use Google Analytics to help us understand how our customers use the Site–you can read more about how Google uses your Personal Information here. You can also opt-out of Google Analytics here. 

Additionally, we may provide your Personal Information to third-party service providers we hire to provide services to us. These third-party service providers may include but are not limited to: payment processors, web analytics companies, advertising networks, and email marketing service providers. 

As described above, we use your Personal Information to provide you with targeted advertisements or marketing communications we believe may be of interest to you.  For more information about how targeted advertising works, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s (“NAI”) educational page at http://www.networkadvertising.org/understanding-online-advertising/how-does-it-work. 

You can opt out of targeted advertising at these locations: 

FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=ads 

GOOGLE – https://www.google.com/settings/ads/anonymous 

BING – https://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/policies/personalized-ads 

Additionally, you can opt out of some of these services by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out portal at:  http://optout.aboutads.info/. 

Finally, we may also share your Personal Information to comply with applicable laws and regulations, to respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other lawful request for information we receive, or to otherwise protect our rights. 



Please note that we do not alter our Site’s data collection and use practices when we see a Do Not Track signal from your browser. 


If you are a European resident, you have the right to access personal information we hold about you and to ask that your personal information be corrected, updated, or deleted. If you would like to exercise this right, please contact us through the contact information below. 

Additionally, if you are a European resident we note that we are processing your information in order to fulfill contracts we might have with you (for example if you make an order through the Site), or otherwise to pursue our legitimate business interests listed above.  Additionally, please note that your information will be transferred outside of Europe, to the United States. 


When you place an order through the Site, we will maintain your Order Information for our records unless and until you ask us to delete this information. 


We may update this privacy policy from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our practices or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. 

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