Athletic Reformer-L.I.T. 

(Light Intensity Training) 

This is our entry level class, your starting point at Fit Culture.  We fuss contemporary Pilates with low impact fitness intervals to design a class that intelligently targets your whole body while incorporating music you can move to – Experience an overall improvement in your body awareness while our experienced instructors teach you all the finer points of our custom Reformer workout. 

Athletic Reformer-H.I.T. 

(High Intensity Training) 

This is Pilates Accelerated! Our signature contemporary high-intensity fusion class uses music to intelligently target your whole body, incorporating resistance bands, jump boards, sit boxes, fitness circles and other props to target each area of your body. Expect your heart rate to spike, muscles to burn as you get ready to sweat and have fun. 

Athletic Reformer-Straps

This straps-only class is aimed at lengthening and sculpting muscles. The Fit Culture approach uses fluid sequences that lengthen your body while improving your flexibility, increasing your muscle tone, and enhancing your balance and range of motion.  It’s easy on the joints and still gives you our signature athletic, body-changing workout.   

Athletic Reformer-Cardio

Looking for an exhilarating, high-energy aerobic workout that’s FUN?  This jumpboard + fitness class was made for you!  Fit Culture’s customized Cardio class infuses fitness and athletic conditioning flows that will elevate your heart rate and burn calories. Using the  jumpboards on our custom reformers, you’ll get a full body, low-impact cardio workout that will leave you feeling like your best self! 

Athletic Reformer-Tone & Sculpt

Love Pilates & Barre? You’re welcome. Get ready to tone and sculpt while keeping in beat with the rhythm and tempo! We combine the best lengthening and core strengthening elements of the reformer with the dynamic moves from barre, in a workout that focuses on alignment and small muscle conditioning. We alternate between the reformer and ballet barre.  

Reformer-Stretch & Release

You’ll stretch out any sore and tired muscles plus get a chance to connect and check back in with yourself.  Our method uses one’s own body weight, movement and breathing in conjunction with reformer to create a soft tissue release, ending with a mindful yoga inspired recovery. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and able to move with ease!